Thursday, August 12, 2010

How can I curl my short, layered hair?

I recently got my hair cut into a different style, and I would like to start curling it but I don't really want to use an iron because they fry my hair. My hair is about mid-neck length and my bangs are a little past my eyebrows. There are also quite a few layers in my hair. I tried the old fashioned cloth curlers, but with all of these layers, it's almost impossible. Can anyone give me some ideas?How can I curl my short, layered hair?
The old fashion way still works well.

Buy 1 or 2 packs of bobby pins.(they come in black or a blonde color).

Wash and rinse your hair.

Leave hair damp and begin by sectioning off your hair.

Curl the section in the middle of your head by 4 inches across. / c c / .Have like two rows for about 6-8 curls. 2 across from each other....wrap a small portion of your hair around your left index finger (if you are right handed)

to make a curl.. Secure with 1 or two bobby pins(two if curl is thick)

I always had a cup of water to dip my comb into to wet the section lightly before I curled it.....

This sounds difficult but it is the easiest way to curl hair ever! It is a little time consuming, But once all your hair is curled all over your head, then cover with a scarf (or not) and just let the air dry your hair as you clean the house or do a chore. In 1 hour your hair will be dried and you can take out the pins and style hair as desired...

Your arms will get tired b/cause you have not done this b/4.

Good luck...How can I curl my short, layered hair?
first you should wet your hair and then put mostierizing cream in. after tht twirl about 3 inches of hair around your finger until you get the curls you want. :) hope this helps
I have hair like this too.. I like to curl it out in layers so it flares out.. it's super cute.. if you look up pics of Reese Witherspoon with short hair.. she used to wear her hair like this.. or even meg Ryan!! It's a great style!! =)
its bad to get layered hair and then want to curl it but if you cant or dont want to use the iron then you can use like gel, mouse and hair spray. If your going to curl it then maybe you should do a light soft urls not big and puffy becasue your hair WILL look funny
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