Saturday, August 21, 2010


I really want to do my hair wavy for tonight,


It is exactly 12:00 pm now and I will be going in 6 hours

Please help!

btw I have short hair (an inch past my shoulder)鈥?/a>

i can't see the pic bc im at work but i make my hair wavy by taking my curling iron and holding it upside down and wrapping a section of hair around it (from closest to the handle, going down).. hold it for a few seconds and then let it go..

after you do that all over your head.. you can either leave it that wavy or shake it out a liittle to lossen the waves.. it looks so good and natural that way

good luck

you can curl your hair with straightners..?

just get hold of the top part of the bit of hair with the straightners, and twist them down and round (:

you be able to do it in less that 5 minutes.
curl it very very lightly at the ends (make sure they are big curls)

or wash your hair , seperate it into 2 sections (right down the middle) or u could do more sections if u wish, then tie it on the top of ur head and twist into a bun. if ur in a hurry then blow dry it (takes about an hour)

Just dont make yr hair wavy. You will look nice in straight.

How could i get wavy hair like this tonight ?? plsss . . . .?

how can i get beachy waves i would love to have them sooo much !!!

i have hair that is ...

long [just past the shoulders]

brown with like a red tinge

layers pretty shorts ones[starts at botton of my ears]

short side bangs[starts at my eye]


not sure if that helped too much but yhea alot of the time if i try to scrunch my hair its crunchy and flat on the top and i look like a poodle no joke.

soem sort of thing like this would be good .

i have a really thin curling iron and like another 2 inch one and about a one inch straightener too and a defuser so if i could work with those that be great!

i would love to be able to do this in like a hour at the most not over ngiht!

thanxxs soo much!!!How could i get wavy hair like this tonight ?? plsss . . . .?
Their are a few ways you could go when trying to get wavy hair, luckily they are all simple and not time consuming.

First, when you finish showering wrap your hair in a towel. Let your hair towel dry for no more then five minutes. When you get out of the shower use a gel or sculpting mousse and scrunch your hair upside down. Do this process twice to insure wavers. Then take a hairdryer with a diffuser, and dry your hair to sculpt the waves perfectly. Now that your hair is almost completely dry, take a curl locking extra hold styling spray by Tresemme. Spray your entire head and scrunch again. This holds the waves all day.

Next you can take rollers. Velcro are cheaper but frizz your hair so I recommend the heated ones or just standard. Before bed roll your hair in curlers, I would do medium for the waves you are trying to accomplish. (To small creates spiral curls and too big creates very loose waves.) After you have applied the curlers, spray your entire head with hairspray. This holds the curls all night. When you wake in the morning let out the curlers and brush your hair lightly. You should have waves.

You can also take a small barrel curling iron and curl the sections of your hair where you want wave. Make sure to use bio silk or any therapy cream so that the heat doesn't damage your hair. After curling your hair run your hands threw it a few times to make the waves less uniform, that way they look more natural.

Last but not least, if you already have wave you can do the least lengthy process. Before bed shower. Towel dry your hair a little so that you get all the excess water out. Scrunch your hair with a little mousse so you sculpt a few waves and pull your hair in a messy bun. Now sleep with it like this, when you wake in the morning, take the bun down. You should have tight, nice waves.How could i get wavy hair like this tonight ?? plsss . . . .?
you could just curl your hair but not that much so its still wavy
if i curl my hair and dont wash it out at night, when i wake up and comb it it looks just like that
Does your hair have a natural wave to it? If so, wash it then spray with a salt water spray (or just water with regular salt in will do) take 1 inch sections all around your head, twist them up to your scalp then pin them there until your hair drys (use a hairdryer to speed things up but make sure they are tottally dry before unwrapping) then undo the pins, throw head upside down and spray very lightly with hairspray . Then use the curling iron to do any bits that dont go how you want them.
Rinse your hair and place one headband ontop of your head. Puff the front of it. Put a second one in three or so inches behind, and puff again. Continue this all down your head and use hair ties when it gets to low. Blow dry right away! It'll give you that uneven beachy wave without the salty ocean air! Hope that helped ... :]
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  • How can I get Allison Stoner hair like in Camp Rock?

    I have hair about the same length as Allison Stoner and I loved her hair in Camp Rock when it was curly. I just bought a 1 1/4 inch curling iron, but I don't really know how to use it. Also, i have sort of short side bangs and i don't really know what to do with them. Please help me!!!How can I get Allison Stoner hair like in Camp Rock?
    ummm... you should use good hairspray thats good for your hair. i ushually use one that wont dry my hair out. take the bottom of your hair in the pinchythingy and then rap up the rest of the hair. when you have all of the hair up, you let it sit for like 3 minutes and then spray it with hairspray and let it sit for another 5 minutesHow can I get Allison Stoner hair like in Camp Rock?
    Curl your hair even your bangs and then put hair spray on it
    why whould you want6 hair like her?


    How Can I Get Curly hair??

    well im a black boy my hair is about an inch long when i put gel on it looks good its curly but short heres a pic of my hair when i put gel;friendID=319320775%26amp;albumID=0%26amp;imageID=5465389 but i want it to look like thi or or this is there any way i can do that with out getting a perm or using a curl iron or sumthing can i juss use gel to do that cuz my friend hand an afro once and he put gell his hair looked like 1 of those hairstyle exept his hair was black oh and tell me does my hair look cute nowHow Can I Get Curly hair??
    sorry i dont have myspace :(How Can I Get Curly hair??
    Yes, I think you can. Just go to the beauty supply and get Ion straightening shampoo, it will pull some of the curl out of your hair, you then use Ion liquid anti-frizz mousse. Just scrunch the mousse into your hair and dry with a diffuser or let dry naturally. If I were you, I'd get my hair shaped a little better.
    let ur hair grow

    Help! i need hair tips immediately!?

    i have short, thin, hair and it makes me really frustrated when i try to style it. curling irons and flat irons barely make a difference. i need to know how to make it cute and not sloppy. also, i need some natural remedies to make my hair thicker and voluminous.

    one more thing, does anyone know how to dye your hair with lemon juice? pros+cons for this?

    THANK YOU! :)Help! i need hair tips immediately!?
    ummm. try getting a shampoo with volumizer in it. the expensiver ones actually work. try nexxus duliste. itll b double sided and purple. get some volumizing moose. and blow dry it upside downHelp! i need hair tips immediately!?
    If you want a wavy look for your hair, after you shower and your hair is wet put 7-10 braids in your hair around your head and sleep with them in. In the morning take them out and your hair will be wavy. Hope this helps :)
    well if you cant do nothing with curling irons er anything,i do not know what you can do well you can put rollers in your hair %26amp; spray it with spray (the freeze spray not olive oil!)and then take them out and comb your hair out so your hair has more volume i guess and i never did this,but you can try intentions.

    and here are the steps:

    1. Mix the following:

    * One Part warm water

    * Two Parts Lemon juice

    2. Combine this in a spray bottle and dampen your hair with it, then sit in the direct sun for about 30-60 minutes or longer for lighter hair

    3. Afterwards; wash your hair, then deep-condition with a generous amount of conditioner.

    4. Expect the following color changes in 3 to 4 weeks:

    * Dark brown to: light brown

    * Light brown to: golden blonde

    * Dark blonde to: a brighter blonde

    * Dark red to: dark blonde

    * Light Red to: light blonde

    * Black : Not suggested, wont show much change.

    I wanna do this to my hair?

    how can i make my hair look like this^^^

    or like the third picture in this

    i wanna make my hair look like this without heat or lots of work i want a short and quick way to do my hair like this with out heat or a curling iron.

    any help would be helpful and appreciatedI wanna do this to my hair?
    sorry to say but there's really no way to get them exactly like that without you using heat. you could get curls looser then that but the same thing if you take a shower at night, put your hair into two braids on each side, then put light hairspray on each and them and sleep with it like that. when you wake up take out the braids and tousle each curl softly then put more hairspray in it until it looks just right.I wanna do this to my hair?
    She's so lucky to have hair that curly naturally -_-

    But if you want to do it without heat, then use rollers.
    well, taylor swift has natural curly hair. kind of like a perm.

    You could get a perm and have it like that for always. but you can still straighten it.

    Another thing you can do is there are certain shampoos that you can get that make ur hair curly for a day.

    What i do is i have a shower at night and then i go to bed with it semi damp/wet and when i wake up its pretty much curly on the bottom, after that i put mousse in my hair and tease it.

    But, to get it like that... without any other methods you would need a spiral curling iron.

    Hope this helps! :)
    without heat? umm...i guess you could wash your hair and put it up in a towel for a bit so it's not super soaked (but don't rub your hair) you'll probably want to put some product in your hair and the put it up in curlers and then put a shower cap on it and then go to sleep and then the next morning your hair will be curly

    but i think the easiest way would be to use hot steam curlers or to just use a curling iron

    or possibly talking to your hairdresser about getting a perm

    Hair Question Help!!!!?

    ok so i have thick brown hair a few inches below my shoulder and i got bored with it so i got side bangs and layers and i just got a little bit of layers so i could still put it up.and the bangs ok so i told the lady side bangs and she said ok but she made them like really short like i cant put behind my ear see i wanted them to start about in the maddle of my head and swoop in to my hair but the lady started on the side of my head and made them go to the edge od my head!see and she used hair from the other side of my part so it really doesnt wanna stay on the side with the bangs!i know im supposed to train them but ill sleep with a bobby pin but in the morning its always out any tips?o and what are some cute hair styles to with my hair ?i have a curling iron but not a straightner .thanx!o and 1 thing how can i make my hair kook really silky and smooth and stay in place (bangs) thanx!Hair Question Help!!!!?
    I don't understand anything you just said. Maily becae i can't ';see';